Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Bendinator SB Circuit Bent Keyboard

This was an awful X-Factor TV show toy keyboard now given new life and seriously mod-ed into the Bendinator SB. If only Simon Cowell could be circuit bent!

Bends Include :

Pitch On/Off toggle switch
Pitch Mode
Pitch Control
Light Sensor (LDR) On/Off toggle switch
Light Sensor
Fuzz On/Off toggle switch
LFO in socket 1/4" Jack
LFO Mode 3 position toggle switch (pitch / off/ glitch)
Output Socket 1/4" Jack

Also has separate LFO device with

On/Off toggle switch
Speed Control 
Soften On/Off toggle switch
Soften amount control
LFO output socket 1/4" Jack


More Pics

Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Bendinator 7

It's been months since my last Circuit bent project, but here is the Bendinator 7. This keyboard features:

Pitch Control A Control
Pitch Control B Control
Pitch Mode Switch
Light Dependant Resistor (LDR)
LDR Switch
1/4" Jack Output

Pitch modes are activated by switching away from the desired control, centre position is off. One pitch mode is more glitchy than the other.

The keyboard has a built in echo effect which works well with the guitar effect, when pitched really low.

Here are some pics







Friday, 1 June 2012

Bendinator 1.3 Circuit bent My Music Maker Toy

It's been quite a while since I bent anything, but a free friday night last week allowed me to get back into it and I produced a Bendinator 1.3. This keyboard I got on ebay for a few pounds and was exactly the same as the Bendinator 1.2, a My music maker toy keyboard. The bends are quite different on this one though. I opted for body contacts instead of an LDR, and didn't bother with a sustain switch as one of the pitch modes gives extra sustain anyway.

The keyboard features :

- On/Off switch

- Jack Output

- LED Sound Indicator

- Pitch/Glitch Control

- Mode Switch controls whether Pitch/Glitch Knob is off or acting as Pitch control, or glitch control. (This is a 3 way switch. Centre is off, right is glitch mode, left is pitch mode)

- 2 Body Contacts for pitch. Holding both affects pitch, holding bottom one effects the sound.

Video Demo

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Bendinator 5 featuring Light Sensor Pitch Control

Introducing the Bendinator 5 originally a pleasant childrens toy keyboard now turned a bit deranged thanks to some modifications.

The B5 features :

Pitch Control Knob and switch
LDR (Light Dependant Resistor) for pitch and switch.
Distortion Switch
Distortion Dial 1 - Amount
Distortion Dial 2 - Shape (Fine adjust)
Output jack (1/4inch)

There wasn't as much room as I'd hoped for controls on the body so I've left out a reset button, but it has a fairly handy on/off switch for crashes.

Pictures below and video :

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bendinator 2.1 used in another dance track

Steve Noxx has used one of my circuit bent keyboards in another track, only in the intro and middle bit but have a listen at :

Monday, 30 May 2011

Bendinator 4 - Circuit Bent Keyboard

This My Music World toy keyboard turned out a lot better than expected.

This is my first circuit bent keyboard to have a button called 'Egg' on it. This toy was bought for 99p in a charity shop by my son, and he also worked on it with me.

It had no controls when i got it, but I soon discovered it has loads and loads of hidden Demo songs which are activated by pressing the 'Egg' button then hitting a note. Pretty much each note fires off a different demo song, you can then mess them up with the other controls.

It has three Body contacts which work well, either touch the first two together for pitch wobble and dives, or touch the middle and third for harsh glitchy noises which are quite distorted.

It's pretty stable but does occasionally crash out to silence or holding a note, but the reset button is in a handy position.

It has a pitch mode with three settings, Mode A, Off (centre) and Mode B. Both modes have their own characteristics. Mode B turned full way will set the pitch so that notes are in concert pitch.

I also discovered there are a few extra sounds for the keyboard hidden on the board, so I added a push switch to toggle between them. The organ sounding one is good for pitching low, and sounding dirty and synthy.

The Bendinator 4 will probably go on sale in the near future on ebay.

It features :

Pitch Mode A/B
Pitch Control Pot
Body Contact for Pitch
Body Contact for Glitch
Easter Egg Button
Sounds Button
Reset Button
Output Jack

Video Demo


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Steve Noxx Track made with the Bendinator 3

A song made using the Bendinator 3 by Steve Noxx. Have also made a Bendinator 2.1 for him so can't wait to see what music comes from that keyboard.

This is 2 min snippet of the song which is yet to be released.

Steve Noxx - Look At Me (Radio Mix) SAMPLE by stevenoxx